Photographic Philosophy - Joseph Carr Photography

Simple is beautiful, and there is nothing more beautiful to me than the simple reality of a wedding day. From the first nervous butterflies of the morning to the last guest slowly winding their way to bed in the wee small hours, there are few days more special or more filled with excitement and emotion. A wedding day is a unique experience in our life, an experience we will carry with us forever, as real and as powerful as life gets. 

For me every wedding I photograph is a rare privilege, an invitation to share in the joy of the couple, their family and friends, and I feel the most beautiful way to capture that joy is to let it speak for itself through honest and natural photographs. Drawing on my studies within both fine art and documentary photography, I produce images that record the day as it happens naturally, framing these real moments with colours and compositions that give them the importance they deserve. When you look back at your photographs in ten, twenty ,fifty years, I want you to see your beautiful day as it really was, to feel the warmth of every smile, to feel your senses tingle once again with the same exhileration you felt all those years ago. Most of all I want you to feel you are looking back at your  day, not a vision of what a wedding day should be. Your day is unique, and so should your photographs be.

So thank you for looking at my work, and for considering inviting me to your big day. Just think of me as a guest with an unhealthy obsession with cameras!

Warm regards,


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