Hi there!

My name's Joe and I'm a reportage and documentary photographer. I specialise in relaxed, unobtrusive photography that allows my subjects to shine, hopefully without noticing there's even a camera there at all. I have over 10 years of experience working across a wide range of commercial and artistic projects, in particular arts, dance, and other cultural events.

For me photography is all about the story, the interaction between people, the emotion and passion of people dedicated to their field. I'm an explorer at heart and I'm never happier than when I'm meeting new people who love what they do, and I'm so grateful that my work allows me the chance to do that. Whatever I'm photographing I'm just one of the team, never a nuisance (I promise!) and just as ready to carry a table as to take a photo.

So tell me your story, and then let's tell the world.
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